Caught my eye

Blue-footed boobies sweatshirt

I am a sucker for puns, I love them. I also am going through all of the Donna Andrews books again on audiobook and so birds are at the forefront of my mind. Side note, Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow books have a bird theme throughout, and you can learn some really interesting facts! But anyways, birds and a silly pun? Love it!

Mary Tyler Moore Documentary

I wrote in this post about how I was watching the Mary Tyler Moore show, and wouldn’t you know, HBO is doing a documentary on Mary Tyler Moore! It premiers today (May 26), so I pushed this post up a little bit. I’m so excited to watch it, especially just coming up watching the show and seeing a strong woman in the 1970s and what she thought behind the scenes.

Quilt Instructable

We read Llama Llama Red Pajamas several times a week and I absolutely love the quilt baby llama has on his bed. I could not find patchwork quilt on google that I liked, but did come across the instructable. The writer makes it look so easy, so I’ve started collecting fabric in order to try to make this quilt!

Peloton Yoga Full Body Conditioning

Y’all. I tried a 30 minute yoga full body conditioning from the Peloton app and was so surprised by how much it made me sweat! I loved it. If you have the Peloton app, definitely take 30 minutes and try it. It was constant motion but in a low impact way. It is different than Pilates, but there is so similarities (lots of plank, low impact, core centric). I can see how doing this conditioning can help you in your yoga practice. I felt stronger and leaner afterwards.


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