Caught my eye

Mary Tyler Moore show

I was looking for something to watch on Amazon Prime and under my suggestions was the Mary Tyler Moore show. The show started over 50 years, and sadly, some of the issues that are presented in the show are still issues today. For example, one episode focuses on Mary’s salary which was less than the man that was in her position before. Another was a tennis club was discriminatory toward Rhoda because she is Jewish. And then there is all the blatant sexism. It is interesting to watch this show through the eyes of today.

Fish doorbell

It’s inspiring seeing interesting and inventive solutions to fairly common problems. The problem in the city of Utrecht is that fish would get stuck on one side of the city’s lock and no be able to move upriver to spawn. While stuck, their life cycle is interrupted and they are at risk of predation. The Weerd Lock installed a fish camera underwater that you can view online and “ring a doorbell” received by workers at the lock to let the fish through. A lot of fish activity is expected mid-April so be sure to check it out!

Architecture Digest – 3 designers

We stumbled across this through YouTube suggestions because we always watch the AD Open Door episodes. This is fun because it is 3 different designers given the same blank space with no limits and they get to do whatever they want. They always end up completely different and a lot of times, polar opposites. One takeaway that I got and loved was one designer said what I had been trying to put into words. She likes to put different types of woods together because, in a forest, that’s how they grow. That’s exactly how my house is, I hate matching woods!


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