Brown sugar iced latte

Something about springtime makes me want a sweet iced latte. I made this brown sugar simple syrup and had a nice afternoon rejuvenating latte on a warm afternoon. It’s a good transition drink because brown sugar makes me think of winter and ice coffee makes me think of summer.

There’s a lot of talk about shaking the espresso and syrup over ice and blah blah blah. But honestly, I’ve made iced lattes both ways, and prefer just mixing the milk, syrup, and espresso together and pouring it over ice. It takes less glasses and is a little less complicated.

Do I get credit for publishing a #nofilter #nomakeup picture? 😅

Switching it up a little bit, I made a second batch of brown sugar simple syrup and added a cinnamon stick while it was cooling. It is delicious! The cinnamon is not overwhelming, there is just a tiny hint that enhances the flavor of the coffee. I’ve only used this syrup for my hot lattes, but it is probably just as good in iced lattes.

If you’re interested these glass bottles are similar to the bottle I use. There isn’t anything super special about them but they’re easy to clean, reusable, and a good size for simple syrup.


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