Valentine’s Day Gal Pal Gifts

Want a cute way to show your gal pals that you love them? I recently started to relearn how to embroider and made some Valentine’s Day cocktail napkins. Pair them with a bottle of champagne, and you have a perfect gift!

I bought these a few months ago and honestly forgot about them. When I was going through my cross-stitch bag, I found them and had the itch to embroider right then and there. I’m not the best embroiderer, but it’s fun and I enjoy it. Valentine’s Day related imagery is easy to draw, so it makes a great learning project. I mean, how hard is it to draw a heart or write the word ‘love.’ Seriously, no pressure at all. Spruce Crafts has a really well written “how to chain stitch” article, among other embroidery technique articles. If reading isn’t how you learn, there are a ton of YouTube videos showing how to embroider.

This was my first time ever doing a chain stitch. I think my heart turned out well, but I can use some more practice on chain stitching words. I love the way satin stitches look, but man, it uses a ton of thread. Satin stitching tiny hearts wasn’t bad though. I can definitely tell which heart I did my first satin stitch on and which was the last… I definitely got better as I went. I also love how the hearts are wonky, because that’s how I draw them!

If you really want to lean into the pink theme, Amazon has hot pink and light pink cocktail napkins. It’d be fun to make these for all the holidays, especially St. Patrick’s day. Cocktail napkins with shamrocks, rainbows, and a pot of gold. I think I just thought of my next project!


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