Caught my eye

This adorable raven

I love crows and ravens. Our neighbor has taught our neighborhood crows to come to his deck when his whistles; it’s hilarious to watch. This raven is a bit more impressive than that… the music is very calming, too.


You can truly buy anything online. I had read something that referenced a snakestone and didn’t know what it was. In looking it up, I ran across this website. I’m very tempted to buy a fossil or ancient Roman coin. My question though, is it even legal?

Dam Safety

While I was looking up low head dams for work, I came across this gem of an article. Low head dams are extremely dangerous and hard to spot on the high side of the dam. I know it isn’t close to water recreation season yet, but this is good knowledge to put in your knowledge bank. I say this is a gem of an article though because it bluntly puts the facts “it is nearly impossible to escape… without assistance” and “stand on the bank and shout encouragement….” They don’t sugarcoat how dangerous these dams are.

Plant stolen from botanical garden

I love houseplants, so much so that I have lost count of how many I have. I don’t collect them to have rare species, I just like the greenery. In fact, I have a ton of pothos because whenever I trim a vine, I just can’t bring myself to throw it away, so I propagate it. There is a world out there where people are really into collecting rare houseplants, exacerbated by the pandemic. This was a great short video about someone stealing a cutting from the super rare Philodendron Spiritus Sanctum. Really interesting peek into the rare plant collecting world.

Weekly food menu

I bought the meal planner (below) on Amazon. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore but just search weekly food planner and there are a million options. I’ve linked a similar one.. I love having a meal planner. Makes it so much easier to grocery shop and because I’m so busy during the week, I don’t have to think about what I’m having for meals. I used to just write it on a notebook page and stick it to the fridge, but this is much prettier! Just FYI, my husband isn’t a fan of this particular one because he says it’s hard for him to read because it reads down. I like it though because it’s easy for me to organize.


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