Update – SWEAT challenge

Oof. Let me tell you, the Sweat Challenge has been going on 3 weeks (yesterday was the start of the 4th week). I was so stoked to start the Pilates program, but I hate it! Starting yesterday, I switched to Fierce at home with Chontel Duncan.

The pilates is way to repetitive for me. I get bored really easily working out and cannot do the same warmup/ workout/ cool down multiple times in a row. This past week I actually substituted workouts for some on demand programs (dumbbell only upper body and an ab workout). After those, I thought, why am I staying in a workout challenge that I don’t like? That defeats the whole purpose for me. I went into this challenge to get excited about working out again and getting back into the routine. This was self-imposed and I realized I can change it whenever I want.

And we need to remember that about life in general. We put these self-imposed rules on ourselves and forget that WE made the rules for ourselves. If you “fail,” you’re not really failing. Sometimes your perspective switches or you realize that your plan wasn’t reasonable. You stop, re-evaluate, and attack again. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you can change it. Some things may take longer to shift gears, but it is possible if you work and have patience.

I’ll get off my pulpit about life changes, but remembering that I don’t HAVE to do the pilates challenge just because that was the challenge I originally chose was a relief. I’ve never done the Fierce program, but I’ve done Chontel’s on demand workouts and really enjoy them. I like that the Sweat app lets you switch challenge programs even though you’re in the middle of one.

As to the sugar challenge, I failed to prepare so I prepared to fail… I went a few days without sugar and then gave in. But, it’s not the end of the world. On the plus side, I have successfully added green foods to my lunch and dinners. I’ve even been eating cucumbers, and I usually despise them. Lots of side salads, zucchinis, and peas have been easy to include. Personally, I think adding in more veggies is more important than completely removing sugar. I’ve noticed that my sugar intake has decreased naturally as my vegetable intake has increased! Small changes people, small changes! Here’s to a renewed vigor to the challenge.


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