Eat what they ate

We’ve all seen those “what I eat in a day” YouTube videos, blog posts, Instagram stories, etc. They are freakin’ everywhere, but I’m not really sure what purpose they serve, but I do enjoy watching them. Therefore, I decided I’m going to live a day in the life of a person (culinarily speaking) who posts their daily meals. Welcome to my new series, “eat what they ate.” Maybe I’ll figure out what makes it so interesting to follow what people eat or maybe I will finally learn what a proper serving size is. Maybe I’ll come up with a better name for the series. Who knows?

First up is a Victoria’s Secret model, Sanne Vloet. She has several of these videos on YouTube, so I randomly just picked one. This one is “what I eat in a day as a model.” Let’s see how it goes.

Breakfast consisted of a kiwi, half of a banana, homemade granola (she shows you how to make it), and coconut yogurt. To drink, she cut up ginger and added mint leaves and hot water to make a kind of tea. I thought it was really strange to leave the mint leaves in the hot water, and kind of annoying. I will definitely make the granola again. I did learn awhile ago from watching these videos that I don’t mind leaving the hair on the kiwis. It makes them so much easier to eat, I hated peeling them!

Lunch was 2 pieces of bread, one with hummus and cucumbers, one with avocado, salt and pepper, and Goat cheese. She included a softboiled egg and a side of zucchini. My portions were a little larger than hers because I was starving. I figured zucchinis have like no calories, so I upped the portion on that. I also changed out the rye bread to flourless Ezekiel bread. I was pretty surprised this was so filling. It had variety and was super easy/ quick to make.

The snack was a smoothie. I will be the first to say, smoothies do NOT fill me up. I don’t care how much stuff I cram in them, I am always hungry afterwards. This one had baby spinach, baby kale, the other half of the morning banana, mango, almond milk, maca powder, and protein powder. Luckily, I was still pretty full from lunch. I probably should have had the snack in the morning before lunch, but I’m trying to follow what she did as close as possible. I enjoyed the smoothie more than I thought I would; and I loaded it up with spinach and kale.

Dinner was a Chicken Pad Thai that I really enjoyed. For vegetables, it includes onions, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and zucchini. Brown rice pad thai noodles make the base and chicken thighs add the protein. The only labor intensive portion was cutting up the vegetables which wasn’t too bad. I also had to get my spiralizer from the back of my closet. You can always go the lazy route and just buy zucchini noodles. I’m glad she use chicken thighs instead of chicken breast. For one, you rarely see “healthy” eating use chicken thighs. Second, the dish tasted excellent with the extra fat provided by the thighs. I’d make it again. I only used one zucchini this time and I’d probably use 2 next time.

I honestly thought I would be starving by the end of the night, but I feel pretty content. I did have a bigger helping of the chicken pad thai than hers (not as big as in the photo, that was my husband’s plate) so that may be the reason. I think the meals could translate well to packed lunches. I mean, the lunch was super easy to make and the individual components would travel well. All in all, it was nice to not have to plan my meals for a day and know I was eating healthy. I may try another one of her videos in the future.


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