Dr. Enuf soda

I was craving a Diet Coke and was walking along the soft drink aisle when I saw this diet herbal drink Dr. Enuf. I had never heard of it and figure it is sweet (splenda) and fizzy (carbonated water) and that’s really why I wanted Diet Coke so I decided to give it a try.

It’s bottled in Johnson City, TN (on the same side of the state as Chattanooga) so it is kind of local-ish. It has 220% of your B1 and 80% of your B3 vitamins. It also contains caffeine. The only downside, and this just may have been the flavor that I purchased, is that it has red 40. I really wish they would stop putting color dyes in food products. The “herbal” part of the drink is ginseng and Guarana.

It tastes pretty good. I’d buy it again. However, according to Wikipedia, it is hard to find so I’m surprised that it was at my local Food City grocery store. You can also buy it at Cracker Barrel.


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