Taking a professional profile picture

It is “highly suggested” that we have a profile picture for our Webex profile. It looks more professional than the gray default picture, and it helps get to know people for when we do meet in person, you’ll have an idea of who they are. I didn’t have a good photo that I felt was appropriate for a company wide program, so I whipped out my phone to take a portrait.

If you work at home by yourself like I do, a tripod helps a ton. We have an inexpensive one from Amazon (that literally everyone in my family has), it makes it much easier than trying to prop up your camera on something. If you work with people, ask someone to take your photo for you (and you can return the favor if needed).

I am a Civil Engineer with a concentration on water (including environmental work), so it felt appropriate to take the photo outside in front of some greenery. Also, my outfit didn’t need to be as dressy as someone such as an accountant would need to be. I knew my background was going to be green, so I chose my favorite blue and white striped shirt to add some contrast. If you need to be dressier, a blazer is always a great option, and you can’t ever go wrong with pearls.

My phone is an Android so I chose the studio portrait setting and just use my front facing camera with a 2 second timer. It took a few shots to get relaxed at taking a natural looking photo, but I got one I was happy with in the end. Of course, the iPhone is well known for its portrait mode.

I think it turned out pretty well and my work bestie immediately complimented me on it. So, I’m happy with finally having a portrait!


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