22 in 2022

I’m sure you’re being inundated with lists of New Year’s resolutions and goals and things to do in 2022 and on and on and on. Well, this is no exception. Normally, I do a goal list for my birthday (like 25 to do before I turn 25), but I was pretty busy in 2021 around my birthday, and never got around to putting pen to paper. Therefore, I decided to make my list for New Year’s this year because I like working toward things. I’ll still make my birthday list come August, but for now, these are my 22 to do in 2022:

  1. Hit 1500 miles on our spin bike
  2. Write a children’s book
  3. Start/ join a book club
  4. One blog post a week (minimum)
  5. Workout 3 times a week (minimum)
  6. Read through my book stack
  7. Try SUP Yoga
  8. Make scrapbooks/ photo albums
  9. Sell enough on Mercari to splurge on designer bag
  10. Replace hall lights
  11. Get skincare treatment/ facial
  12. See a comedy show
  13. Scuba certification
  14. Get a book signed by one of my favorite authors
  15. Get a massage
  16. Complete a Sweat program
  17. Watch 5 classic movies
  18. Ride a horse
  19. Build a screen porch
  20. Paint kitchen cabinets
  21. Go sugar free for a month
  22. Ride in a private plane

Obviously, some are pretty random (ride in a private plane), some are super simple (5 classic movies), and some are just tasks I want to get done (replace hall lights). I wanted a variety of goals this next year and have a lot of fun while I’m doing it. What are your goals this year?


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