Fireplace styling with strip lights and removable wallpaper

When we originally moved into our house, everything was a flat beige color. I thought the color looked a little yellow, and with a big shepherd dog, it was impossible to keep clean. About a quarter up the wall, there would be dirt streaks from her rubbing up against it. If you’ve ever had flat paint, you know it is hard to clean! So I chose Chantilly Lace in a semi gloss and haven’t looked back since. I love it. It is a bright white and so easy to clean because it’s a semi gloss.

All that being said, I wanted something different above the fireplace and just kept going back and forth on what I wanted. Finally, I decided to just go for it with some removable wallpaper. I figured, it is fairly inexpensive, easy to install, removable if I don’t like it, and gives a little umph without being overwhelming. I found this wallpaper in tan and felt like it would go well with the white walls and overall theme of my living room.

It was SO EASY to install. I cleaned the wall with soap and water first, let it dry, and then got to it. I just followed the instructions included in the roll and got it cut and installed in about 2 hours max. That includes getting the supplies from the garage and getting distracted by Murder, She Wrote. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

RoomMates tan faux grass cloth non-textured peel and stick wallpaper. It has a slight silvery sheen to it that adds a little something.

We also had white Christmas lights along our mantle for years because it is nice to have a really subtle light at night, but one day I touched them and they were very hot! Immediately, took them down because I’m sure they were a fire hazard, but I missed having the lights. I found these under cabinet lights and installed them on the back side of our mantle so they shine up. Again, peel and stick and very easy to install. They’re LED so they don’t get too hot and you can cut them to the proper length. I also love that they have a switch to turn them off and on and dim them. I think they really elevated our mantle.

I just wanted to share how cute this guy is. I bought him during Black Friday and have not regretted it since. He is not real brass, that would have been amazing, but he still looks good.

Is there a section of your house that you overdebate and then finally just decide “the heck with it, I’m doing SOMETHING!”?


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