OMG, am I boooooring?

I was driving home from a work meeting at Fall Creek Falls State Park yesterday and was thinking, “man, I am boring. When did that happen?” I feel like I used to do all kinds of adventures and interesting hobbies, where did they go?

I brought it up to my husband after dinner, and he immediately replied, “you’re not boring at all. Your job is interesting and you do lots of stuff.” And you know what, he’s right. Right now, it seems like my life is work and then nightly routine and repeat. BUT, my work is really interesting. I work in water resources and wastewater (not sewage) and have a really cool job. While I do repeat a lot of my days outside of work, I still find time to do fun things on the weekend. They may not be travel and big events like they used to be, but I still do interesting things. Going to the playground and seeing my son slide down the slide laughing is novel to me, and therefore interesting. Going to the plant nursery and learning more about plants is a hobby which is interesting. Heck, I was literally driving back from a work meeting at a state park. How is that not interesting?

Do we need to be interesting for ourselves or for other people? When I was thinking about being boring, I was thinking I was boring to other people. But does it really matter if we are perceived as boring to others as long as we perceive ourselves as interesting? We need to remember to enjoy our lives, no matter how much it may be routine because we’re all interesting in our own ways.


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