Painting your front door

About two years ago I was going through my Better Homes and Garden magazine and they had a small article on best paint colors for your door. I fell in love with the blue paint they showed and promptly stripped, sanded, and painted my door (it took about 2 weeks because I don’t have all the time in the world…). I also discovered in the process the old owners had painted the doorknob black! I was delighted to see the beautiful brass underneath.

The second I was done, I hated it. My husband loved it though (it was close to Tarheel Blue) so I kept it. However, we sit with our door open a lot because we have a storm door and I decided I needed to repaint. Besides, I am tired of bright colored doors and it just didn’t work on our house.

So started the agony of picking a door color. This time I got samples, lots of samples, I took a Instagram poll, I lived with a multicolored door for a week, and then I decided on the color that I wanted at the beginning of this process (the 2nd time around), the dark purple. The Instagram poll was completely ignored because my favorite got the least votes, but my friends don’t have to live with it, I do. My husband said pick which color I liked the best, so that’s what I did.

I am thrilled.

The color is caponata and is actually a Benjamin Moore color. One sample painted my whole door with 2 coats and half a sample left over.

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