Better than mimosas

What can be better than a mimosa you may ask? Why, a peach bellini!

I was wandering around the local liquor store looking for some Veuve (they have a crap champagne selection and nothing is organized well), and I walked past this Stirrings Simple Peach Bellini mix. The packaging got me, it looked so good! I knew Labor Day weekend was coming up, which meant brunch, so I went ahead and got it and a bottle of Lamarca Prosecco.

My husband and I both agreed, these are better than mimosas. Sometimes, mimosas taste a little too acidic or bitter (??) to me, but these were smooth and went down quickly and easily. 😂

Of course,the bellini mix is slightly more expensive than orange juice. But, you have to use waaaay less, only an ounce for a serving, so I think in the long run it is cheaper. And if you’re like me and buy the organic, freshly pressed, sung to in the orange grove orange juice, it is definitely cheaper. I’m looking forward to making a nonalcoholic version which is 1 ounce mix 1 ounce club soda (I’ll probably do a couple ounces) and a splash of grenadine! Yum!

Be advised, these are tasty and you may get drunk fast! 😇


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