No spend August

For the month of August, I am going to challenge myself (and you) to not spend any money other than necessities (gas, food, shelter, etc.). So, no new clothes, odds and ends, nicknacks, books, new services (such as a new streaming service account. I’m not canceling what we currently have subscriptions to), and no manis/pedis. I do realize that a lot of people look at mani/pedis as a necessity, but since I look at it as a luxury, I am eliminating those too. To be honest, that won’t be hard because I only get them every few months. Haha.

This is also a challenge to rid my house of some of the excess items I’ve collected, extra shampoos, clothes, beauty products, all these things that we buy extra of so we don’t run out. I’m also going to take this time to go through our attic and clean out what I can. Be prepared to see a lot of clothes on my mercari and poshmark stores!!

So, can you do it? Spend an entire month without buying one extraneous thing? I’m interested to see how much money we save!


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