Is it too early to think about Halloween costumes?

Of course not. I ran out to TJ Maxx and saw (and subsequently bought) a Keith Haring shirt. The shirt triggered a Nickelodeon core childhood memory, what Clarissa wore in Clarissa Explains It All. That was an amazing show, but thinking of it made me start thinking of Halloween costumes. Here are a few couples costumes that would be fun!

Clarissa and Sam. These would be super easy costumes nowadays. AND I now have a Keith Haring shirt (not the exact one, but close enough) so I could easily throw this together. My husband already has tie dye shirts too.
Staying on the Nickelodeon theme, Doug and Patti Mayonnaise. Now, my husband and I have already done this one back when we were dating and it was great. I have no idea if pictures exist from that night or not, so I guess we could resurrect the costumes if we wanted to.
Ellie and Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park. If you have a baby, you could dress it up as a dinosaur. This one has some options too. You can do a before the mayhem costume or an after shit hit the fan costume.
A different take on a Scream costume, Gale and Dewey!
Another family costume would be the parents dress in a solid prime color (yellow and blue, blue and red, etc) and then the baby dresses in the resulting color.

I also love the idea of a family of 4 dressing as the seasons. Obviously, this would also work if you have 4 kids to dress them as the seasons.

Or how about a cactus and an owl. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google a cactus and owl and you’ll see the most adorable photos.

Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet or am I just way ahead of schedule? I did hear that Home Goods has their Halloween stuff out already. Now that I do think is too early.



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