Papier notebooks and cards review

My link for $15 off

If you know me, you know my love of notebooks. I talked awhile back about how I got targeted on Instagram with ads from Papier and how I went a little wild ordering notebooks. I gave some to friends and ordered 5 for myself. To my credit, I go through a lot of notebooks, I take notes for work, I keep a yearly one sentence “exciting thing that happened today” notebook, and I write a lot of lists.

I love going back through old notebooks and seeing what I’ve written. Every year, on my birthday, I start a new notebook that I write in daily. It is literally just 1 or 2 lines of something I did that day that was interesting. It’s a great way to capture memories quickly, even the mundane little things that you do. I distinctly remember that one of mine recently was “went to Walmart by myself.” Hahaha. That may seem very mundane, but if you’re a mom, you most likely understand. Going to a store by yourself means browsing and leisurely walking through the store. When I was pregnant, one of my friends told me that to keep her sanity with her newborn, she made sure to go on solo Target trips weekly. Other entries are a little more important, like the day I found out I was pregnant or what we did each day of a vacation. The point, though, is that each night I take a little time to reflect on my day and write it down just before bed. It is much more gratifying to document my day in a nice notebook.

Papier notebooks are wonderful because they are hardback and the paper quality is amazing. Thick, but not too thick. The notebooks just feel expensive, but are somewhat reasonably priced (especially with my $15 off link). The patterns are amazing. The matchbook is my favorite, but the tennis pattern is a very close second. They’re adding new designs all the time so it is hard not to just buy a ton. I also love that you can personalize them. I put my first and last name (which I’ve edited out from the photos, that’s why it looks crooked) and then what the notebook is. For example, the one I use for my to-do list says my name and “errands and to-do.”

I also ordered some personalized note cards that I’ve been using for all sorts of things: thank you notes, hey how ya doing notes, birthdays. The cardstock is so nice, my best friend is ordering her wedding invitations from Papier.

If you love notebooks as much as I do, check them out. There is a bunch of other stuff on the site too; it is just fun to look. I’ve put my link below to get $15 off. Happy browsing!

My link for $15 off


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