Flattering Walmart swimsuits

Flutter sleeve pink swimsuit

Seersucker swimsuit

We were heading to Savannah in a couple days and I realized, I don’t have a swimsuit that fits! For baby swim classes, I have been wearing a swim top and workout shorts/shirt. But, that really wouldn’t fly at a regular pool. I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune on swimsuits that may (or may not) fit me next summer. Luckily, I found these 2 great swimsuits at Walmart days before our trip.

I’ve worn them both in the water already and can attest, they are great! Both are extremely flattering and are comfortable to wear. They provided support where I wanted it, didn’t make me feel like my milk full boobs were on display, and actually provided back coverage. I don’t like wearing low cut swimsuits (back or front) and these were perfect. Very stylish suits for a great price (especially because they’re on sale now).


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