Caught my eye

I had a great break from my 30 day challenge. We went to Savannah for the 4th, enjoyed family time strolling the neighborhood on the golf cart and relaxing at the pool. Several things Caught My Eye and I thought a great way to get back into the groove would be a nice post of those things.

Beef tallow candle

I bought a beef tallow candle at Whole Foods not knowing anything about it other than I liked the smell. Looking it up, I found a great article on it. It is supposed to be healthier with less toxic materials released into the air (like benzene). It goes against my old vegetarian heart (I used to be a strict vegetarian but stopped when I got pregnant. There is still some guilt there…). I guess the plus side is that more of the animal is being used? AND it is better for the air environment?

Yard walkway ideas

Our backyard is huge, huge and very little landscaping. We have hired an architect to design a screen porch and patio area (along with a kitchen remodel) but he’s not designing the entire yard. I’d really love to do something with some of the wasted space and adding a walkway to connect some of the areas would be awesome. There are some really cool ideas on this website.

This list of recipes to try

This is a list of one bowl recipes and I marked so many of the recipes, I figured out it was just easier to bookmark the entire list. Usually, compilation lists for one bowl meals are your typical American fare or foods that I make so much, I hardly need to see it in list for. However, this list has such a good mix of Japanese, Thai, Mexican, and just overall healthy recipes. You’ll definitely find a meal to help you step outside your comfort zone. It’s also good for me because I’m trying to introduce my son to a variety of foods; I think I could easily make some of these infant friendly.

Parallel luggage

Later this summer, we will be checking a bag for the first time in 9 years (my husband and I both use ebags on our trips). This next trip we get a free checked bag, and since it is our first big trip away from home with a baby, we’re taking advantage.

30 day yoga challenge

If you’re like me and you just don’t have time to get to a yoga studio but you have Amazon Prime, this yoga challenge is for you. The instructor is amazing and gives you knowledge along with the moves. It is for beginners or for those who need to refresh on the basics. I’m on Day 3, and have really enjoyed her teaching style. As much as I have tried, I haven’t been able to regularly work out since I gave birth, so this has been nice to ease back into a routine. It is low impact (good for all the extra weight I currently have) and stretched out all my muscles (good for the tense muscles from carrying a 20+ lb baby). I can’t say enough good things about this series. They’re short 20-30 minutes and make you feel refreshed afterwards.


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