The end of my 30 day post challenge!

30 days of posts done and dusted. It kind of snuck up on me! I was going through some posts yesterday because I wanted to look at a particular one and was surprised how far back it was. I really enjoyed coming up with new topics every day.

I know this was literally yesterday’s post, but I loved searching for the perfect pieces to put my twist on the movie jungle style. The DIY Giftbox was a lot of fun to paint. It was also one of the few that I referenced on Instagram and the founder of Dose and Co commented on it. That was really exciting, especially with my 40 something follower count. If you haven’t made the lavender simple syrup yet, you are missing out. And last, but not least of my favorites, taking a professional photo by yourself. It was probably my most helpful post.

I can’t wait to come up with more ideas. I already have 30 something in drafts. I’ll take a few days off then get back to it. Maybe I’ll do a 30 day Instagram post challenge! That, to me, is way harder than 30 day posts.


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