6 things that saved us with a newborn

These are my 6 got-to-haves as a new mother. They saved our sanity and made the transition from no baby to baby so much easier. I’ve been trying to keep baby stuff to a minimum, but I highly highly recommend these items.

1. Halo sleepsack – we bought the fleece swaddle sleepsack. It was comforting knowing my son was warm enough and safely sleeping. We stopped swaddling him within the first month he was born, so we didn’t have to transition him from swaddling, but it gives you the ability to do that transition. I liked it because it gave him a little extra warmth around the midsection. We sized up to the nonswaddle version now, I recommend that one too.

2. Rocker – sometimes you just have to set the baby down to do life things (like pee or shower). This was a life saver. I was super paranoid about flathead syndrome, so we didn’t keep him in this for long periods of time, but for showers, etc. it was a huge help. This is the one we got, cheaper than the Baby Bjorn. It also stows away really easily and you can remove and wash the grey cushion.

3. Jumper – we also had a swing, but unlike my nephew, my son didn’t like the swing. The jumper, on the other hand, he looooooved! It was so fun to watch him bounce and belly laugh. He had enough head control at 4 months that his pediatrician recommended we go ahead and try the jumper. He still loves grabbing at all the gadgets on the jumper, even after 5 months.

4. Bottle brushes – originally, I was just cleaning bottles and pumping supplies with a regular sponge (designated for milk supplies). But I was at Target and decided to spend the $3-$4 on a bottle brush and it changed my life. It made cleaning so much faster and since I’ve gone back to work and am pumping so much more, it saves me so much time and time is money.

5. Changing table – I knew I didn’t want to buy a large piece of furniture for changing, and I was keeping the full sized bed in the nursery (that had been the guest room). I found this great waterproof, easy to clean changing table that I just set on the bed. We are also able to take it on car trips so we don’t have to adjust to a different changing method when we travel. It has a lever that has a star and moon that my son absolutely loved. He’d start getting squirmy during a diaper change and I’d put that up, and immediately, he was distracted and stopped squirming.

6. White noise machine – we started off just doing white noise YouTube videos and Spotify, but after being woken up with someone talking on an ad in the middle of the night (scared the beejeesus out of me) and not wanting our electronics tied up all night, we bought this portable noise machine. It has a light, a great sounding white noise, and some other options. We’ve used the music box sounds to calm our son down, and he really liked it. The charge lasts a long time, but we just keep it plugged in at night. It is also a great size.

*bonus* grass drying rack. Again, like #4, it just made life so much easier than a regular drying rack or towel.


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