‘Friends’ appreciation post

I’m rewatching Friends right now starting from Season 1. Every time I watch this show I laugh so hard, and I laugh at new things each time. Friends has something for everyone for different parts of your life. The show was just so well written and well acted and just seems ageless. I mean, even the fashion has come back around. I’d love to have Rachel’s wardrobe! They talk about some hard topics like IVF, growing up and moving on from the life you know, and losing your job/ career changes. But they do it in such a way that is light hearted and helps soften the blow a little.

I relate to different characters at different times. I related to Rachel when she quit her job to pursue a career she wanted to, I related to Monica with her closet of junk, and I related to Phoebe when she fell in love with Paul Rudd (I know his character’s name is Mike, but for some reason, Paul Rudd will always be Paul Rudd). When I was pregnant, I watched the episodes when Phoebe was pregnant, then the episodes when Rachel was pregnant. It grounded me somehow and made pregnancy and labor a little less scary.

I know everyone gets hung up on how they can afford such an amazing apartment (which they do address that it was a rent controlled apartment in Monica’s grandmother’s name so…..). But, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t ever watched it, what are you waiting for?! If it’s been awhile since you watched it, rewatch it! It’s on HBO Max.


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