Sunnies, Shades, Sunglasses

R.I.P aviators.

I am looking to replace my sunglasses, which have been beat up to high heaven. I’m talking so scratched that I can hardly see through them. I bought my current pair of Ray-Bans 5 years ago to replace my Ray-Ban Aviators which I was obsessed with but the nose piece finally broke off after about 6 years (do you see a trend?). I’ve even worn my current glasses out on job sites, which surprisingly isn’t what scratched them. My purse, that I also carried for years (9+), was too small for the sunglass case, so I would just throw the glasses in my purse. Don’t do it! Put your glasses in a case and THEN your purse, but I digress. I need a new pair, it’s a safety issue now. I chose my current pair for several reasons: 1). they were tortoise shell 2). they were on sale at Nordstrom Rack 3). they were named “Havana” and we were planning a trip to Cuba. All valid reasons right?

Regardless, tortoise shell sunglasses are my favorite and go well with everything. They are so classic you know you can wear them for years to come; sunglasses can be expensive, you want them to last awhile. The colors suit everyone, so they won’t be going out of style anytime soon (or ever). I also won’t ever buy non-polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are anti-glare, make the blue sky bluer, allow you to see further into water, and are safer for driving. Since I do so many outdoor activities, it just makes sense to have polarized glasses versus non-polarized glasses.

(left to right) ray-ban wayfarer // burberry aviator // cole haan square // timberland square // ray-ban wayfarer // ray-ban erika // arnette adios baby! // costa may // ray-ban square // ray-ban chromance // ray-ban clubmaster // all in motion round


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