The many iterations of my Wildflower Garden.

In 2020, we decided to make a bit of our yard a wildflower garden. We threw some seeds down and basically just let it grow how it wants. No pruning, weeding, design, just wild. (I did pull some blue flowers up because they turned into burrs and it was a nightmare to pick out of my dog’s fur. But that was the only human intervention). Every year it has been different and this year we have a field of white daisies, primrose, phlox, and dianthus (not all at the same time). We used Wildflower seed packs so it is a surprise as to what comes up.

2022 Dianthus. They are my favorite, like big balls of blooms.
The morning light on the daisies. They are really about to go wild.

Every morning, we walk out and look at the garden to see what has popped. It has been so fun each year (really, each month in the summer) seeing what is going to come up. I can’t wait to see next month!

My house is overflowing with plants, but I will always welcome more.

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