DIY gift box

I recently switched (2 containers ago) to Dose and Co collagen. When I finished the last container, I felt like it was such a pity to throw it away. Looking at it, I realized it was the perfect size for a gift container AND it was cardboard so it would be very easy to paint.

I grabbed my paint and went to work. First, I did a base of white and then added stripes. Stripes are super easy to paint and you can do so many different color combinations. I like the unevenness of the stripes, but you can also make it look very precise with painters tape.

This will be great for a birthday present because they’re actually a pretty good size! It’s a perfect reminder to try to reuse what you have instead of just trashing it. We recycle, but I’m always a little suspect after reading multiple articles that said very little recycling actually get recycled. This way, I know it actually is! Recycled thru reuse is the best.


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