Caught my eye

Photo credit: madebyswimmer

Madebyswimmer instagram

These are the cutest little critters. The hens are what caught my eye, and then when I kept scrolling, I loved all the little critters. They’re handmade with recycle fabric by 2 sisters in England and would make perfect gifts (for baby, you, or whoever). Their Etsy shop is linked on their Instagram.

Only Murders in the Building – Season 2

Is coming out June 28, 2022!!! We loved season 1. It was funny, thrilling, unpredictable, and the acting! Who doesn’t love Martin Short and Steve Martin together? I’m pumped. It’ll be a good week for TV because Southern Charm also comes out around the same time, and it is our guilty pleasure. But, if you haven’t checked out Only Murders yet, jump on Hulu and catch up before the premier of season 2.

The Big Dig

This was the most expensive highway project in the US. To summarize, there was an elevated highway in downtwon Boston. Obviously Boston has a large population and a lot of history. In 1982, they started planning on removing the elevated highway and replacing it with a tunnel. It was completed in 2007, so remember when you’re complaining about construction in your town, it can always be worse. What is also cool is that for 1.5 miles of the old footprint of the highway, they made it a Greenway. I love green spaces in cities, especially when they get creative.

The Dubai Frame

I went to Dubai years ago and this wasn’t constructed, but I would have loved to see it. When I went, I only had eyes for the Burj Khalifa though. The engineering marvels on the world’s tallest (for the moment) are well worth a study. The Frame is cool though. I’ll admit, I didn’t know about it until it was shown after every commercial break on Real Housewives of Dubai. Side note, I didn’t think I’d like RHOD, but these ladies bring the drama. Anyways, the frame is cool.


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