Teapot kick

I told you about finding 4 amazing teacups at an estate sale, but I could not find my teapot to save my life. I’m guessing that it got lost in one of my many moves, so I’ve been looking for another one. Ideally, I’d like to find an antique one, but since I want to use my teacups asap, I’ve been looking online for some. There are so many pretty ones available!!

Teal teapot with birds and gold // fresh herbs pot // black and white // garden vine navy and white // tobacco leaf (when I saw this, I literally said out loud “oh my god.” // blue and white (out of my price range but still pretty to look at) // ooo lala navy and white (again, waaay out of my price range for a teapot) // small roses // blue flowers

Well, that was fun. I think I’m starting to have a serious addiction to porcelain and glassware.


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