Father’s Day Gifts

I said when I started this blog that blogs with too many gift guides got on my nerves. However, fathers are notoriously hard to buy for (notice I skipped Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc???). These are just some items to get your ideas going for the dad in your life. No commission or anything from these, just items my husband likes or I think would make good gifts!

  1. Golf cookies from @lacedupcookies (image is also from @lacedupcookies on Instagram). She is local to Chattanooga, so you have to live in town for pickup. The cookies are so adorable and very reasonably priced!
  2. Photo mug from Shutterfly. I bought one for my husband for Valentine’s Day (so I can’t buy another for Father’s Day), but these would be great for a Father’s Day gift! They are really good quality, and we use our mugs every day. Because we use them every day, they are washed every day. I hate hand washing dishes, so most of the time we put them in the dishwasher and they haven’t faded at all. I really expected a couple washes and you wouldn’t see the photo anymore, but they have really held up. It costs a tiny bit more, but spring for the 15 oz.
  3. Since everyone and their mother has a Yeti, I recommend a personalized one. Making a label from my Brother label maker just doesn’t look as good (to my credit, they didn’t have the option years ago when I got mine!). My husband likes to use the 30 oz tumbler as his water cup. It is large, but a good way to ensure you’re hydrated.
  4. If your dad/ baby’s dad is a Grateful Dead fan, he will love this shirt! There are so many great designs, and who doesn’t like a good parody shirt.
  5. A really nice cutting board makes a great gift. I recommend going to your local craft/ farmer’s market because if it’s anything like Chattanooga’s, there will be at least one stall selling locally made cutting boards. It is a life changer having a nice cutting board to use (and not just as decor).
  6. Have an outdoor movie night with a movie of his choice. Make sure to volunteer to grill the hot dogs and provide the mosquito repellant! You can make it extra cozy and just put out a blanket, or set it up like a movie theater.
  7. There was a lot of conversation during Mother’s Day about moms being around on Mother’s Day, but the golf course being full on Father’s Day. It’s important to celebrate dads by being together and some of the activities from The Dad Lab are perfect to interest both kids and dads.

And a parting laugh/ cringe: I like telling dad jokes, sometimes he laughs.


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