Fancy cookie attempt

I have been sucked into the Instagram videos of people decorating cookies. They make it look so easy! I’m not going to say I failed at cookie decorating per say, but I am not winning at cookie decorating. My very first attempt was awful, but I made more cookies and already improved a lot. Getting the frosting consistency correct is so hard!

My 2nd attempt. Making the designs was easy, but making a thin outline close to the edge of the cookie turned out to be the really hard part. I bought some thin tips, so hopefully that will help. My flooding frosting was also a little too watery and went over some edges. I’m getting better though!

This is my 1st attempt. Frosting EVERY WHERE. They tasted good but looked a mess! At one point, I just gave up and dumped frosting on the cookies mixing colors, just to use up all of the frosting.

For recipes, I just used some random google recipes. If I perfect my cookies and find a recipe that really works, then I will share. In the meantime, I’m definitely going to watch some YouTube how to videos. I should have done that in the first place rather than just jumping right in, but it was entertaining for me this way. 🤣


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