Antique tea cups

It’s time for Teacup Tuesday! Hahaha. I kid, I’m not doing Teacup Tuesdays. I am, however, going to brag about these beautiful teacups that I got at an estate sale this weekend. My son and I were out for a long walk and just happened by an estate sale, so we popped in. They had some wonderful antiques, but I really don’t need more stuff… until I saw these teacups and a super good price (can’t beat 4 for $10!). It may be because we’ve been watching Antique Roadshow on a loop (free on Samsung TV) or because I just love glassware, but I had to get some.

It seemed fitting to take a photo of the tea cups with my flower garden in the back. I can’t wait to sit outside and sip tea out of my fancy tea cups.
What really caught my eye on these tea cups was this tea cup made in occupied Japan. I had never heard of occupied Japan so quickly googled it. Turns out, it was the military occupation of Japan by Allied forces after WWII lasting from 1945 to 1952. I don’t know if I learned that at one time and it just didn’t stick with me, or if history class failed me and I never learned it. Either way, what’s great about antiques is that you learn history along with the object.
This one is my favorite, I absolutely love the colors.
I couldn’t decide between this one and the one below it, but the estate sale agent was amazing and offered me both for the price of one. His reasoning: “we need to get rid of them.” Hahaha. I’m fine with that. Besides the occupied Japan cup, this is the only one I could find by a quick google images search. According to an antique website that has this listed for sale, it is worth over $100.
And the last one. It has the most stunning blue color in the sunlight.

I know we’re going to use these, I just can’t decide how I want to display them. If you have any ideas, let me know!


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