Caught my eye

Just a warning, this is a super random ‘Caught my eye.’ A little bit of this and a little bit of that, hopefully just enough to spark some interest for you.

Walk in the park… errr… neighborhood

My baby and I went on a looooong walk yesterday because it is so beautiful out. I absolutely love our neighborhood, filled with old houses starting from the 1910s. What that means is that every house has a yard full of mature trees and beautiful flowers. We passed this cherry tree that was full of cherries. I’m a little jealous, we have a cherry tree that the fruit never makes it this far because of squirrels and birds.

Choose your own path

A nice reminder that everyone is on their own timeline and to make sure you’re following your own.

Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station

It wouldn’t be a ‘Caught my eye’ without some kind of engineering mention. We have a pumped storage plant in Chattanooga, but ours is built way differently. Taum Sauk Hydroelectric reservoir was built to have a concrete dam that holds back the water, whereas ours is more of a natural looking lake (on top of a mountain). Both act as a battery, creating power when water is gravity fed through the turbines and then power is used when the water is pumped back up to the reservoir. Shameless plug: if you’re ever in Chattanooga, you have to check out Raccoon Mountain. It has great views and even better hiking/biking trails.

Biofluorescent mammals

I was reading a Donna Andrews book recently and she mentioned biofluorescent mammals. They’re different from bioluminescent animals which emit a glow all their own. Biofluorescent animals absorb light and then reemit it. Just goes to show, no matter what you read (in this case, a cozy murder mystery), you can learn something. And look how cute that Tasmanian devil is!

Worn on TV

Have you ever been watching TV and loved an outfit? I have a million times and love this website. The array of shows is insane (including old shows). With the older shows, all of the items are no longer available but if you really love something, you can always search on poshmark or mercari.


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