My favorite cross-stitch projects I’ve completed

I have done A LOT of cross-stitch projects since I took it back up in 2019. I started with a simple “maybe swearing will help” kit to see if I still liked it, and then realized it was great stress relief. If you’re interested in taking it up, I highly recommend a kit. There are a ton of clever ones on Etsy. Pinterest and have a ton of free patterns. That’s where I end up getting most of my patterns. At some point I’ll do a “how to cross-stitch” post, but right now I just want to showcase a handful of my favorites.

HAHAHA. I currently have this hanging in my bathroom and have gotten more than one request for me to make more for friends and family. It’s available as a kit from Etsy if you’re new to cross-stitch. This would be a great beginner project.
I made this one for my nephew’s nursery which was woodland themed. I just searched for “fox cross-stitch” on Pinterest and there are so many to choose from! I love this one because it looks like a little baby fox without being TOO cartoony.
I don’t remember where I got this pattern, but Psych is my favorite TV show that I watch over and over again. It seemed fitting to have a Psych cross-stitch complete with pineapple.
Even though Kanye is crazy, I love this saying. I adapted the cross-stitch from another pattern so it is sort of a mishmash. Words to live by and whatnot.

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