Black bean brownies

I was craving something sweet, but have been trying to keep sweets out of the house. Then, I remembered I had heard about black bean brownies. I googled a recipe and found one that I already had all the ingredients to, and it was flourless to boot! You just need a can of black beans, an egg, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, and salt. The recipe is linked below.

It was sooooo easy to make. I literally threw everything into my ninja blender and blended. After it was smooth, I poured it into my baking dish, waited 30 minutes, and voila, sweet tooth satisfied. It was really gooey and sticky. Kind of fudge-like, but yet brownie-like at the same time. I really liked the texture. I still can’t believe there were black beans in there (that is, until I had to pick black bean skin out of my teeth). My husband had no idea until I told him. 10 out of 10, would make again.

Black bean brownie recipe


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