What’s going on

After having a bout with illness, I’m finally starting to feel like myself. I talked about allergies on my last post and after I published it, I realized I didn’t try any of my go-to, more natural methods. Out came the turmeric and black pepper for turmeric tea and cans of pineapples. It may be psychosomatic, but I started feeling better the next day. My nose and ears are still stuffed, but my head feels better. Anyways, this is what I’m excited about recently:

1. Fig tree: I have wanted a fig tree for ages but we didn’t really have the space for it. Sadly, we’ve lost some 100+ year old trees which has opened up the sky around our house. While we were at the plant nursery, we found a fig tree that only grows 8-10 feet and we have the perfect spot for it. I’m so excited!! This will be our third fruit tree, but will probably be the first to bear fruit.

2. Agatha Raisin audiobooks: I love M.C. Beaton books. However, I like them more on audiobook than I do just reading them. They picked a great narrator (actually 2 different narrators). I’m listening to one narrated by Penelope Keith right now, and it makes me so happy. Her voice really becomes the characters in my mind and I was telling my husband how important the right narrator is for an audiobook. They nailed it. The Agatha Raisin character cracks me up, and is oddly inspiring.

3. Puzzles: I ordered a pack of 8 puzzles that were of different travel posters. We’re on our 3rd puzzle now. It’s been fun to have it going in progress on the kitchen table and put down pieces as we walk by, talk on the phone, take a work break, hold the baby, cook dinner, and on and on.

4. Mary Kay Andrew’s book signing : I have a friend that lives in one of the towns she’s going to, so I’m crossing my fingers that they’re able to stop by and pick up an autographed book for me.

5. We have several little libraries in our neighborhood. I almost took this Field Guide to Dumb Birds in North America home, but decided to leave it so someone else could get a kick out of it, too.


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