I am down and out with allergies this year. I have NEVER suffered from allergies like this. I’m talking a runny, but still stopped up nose, sore throat, clogged ears, foggy brain, lost my voice, can’t stop coughing suffering. I’m sleeping on the couch because I can’t lay down and I don’t want to wake up my husband and son with my coughing.

I sent this picture to my husband. I mean, it is just ridiculous.

In order to try to improve my situation, my husband bought 2 different air purifiers, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. I can’t comment on the effectiveness of the one in the bedroom, since I’m not sleeping in there right now, but I like the one in the living room. It is surprisingly compact, quiet, and I feel like the air is cleaner. Supposedly, it can change the air in a 500 square foot room in 1 hour (on the high setting). That’s pretty impressive. The one in the bedroom is extremely quiet, too. I don’t know if they’re really making a difference, but I figured it can’t hurt. I’m tired of being doped up on allergy meds.

Speaking of medications, I’m currently using Claritin. It is working better than the Zyrtec I started on. What has really helped is the constant consumption of mint tea with honey and halls cough drops. I don’t know why my allergies manifest as a cough, but they do and it is miserable.

The honey I bought is amazing! I needed local honey since the internet said local honey can help with allergies. Luckily, my local grocery store is amazing and stocks local items. The honey is from That Elderberry Lady so if you need local honey, I highly suggest it. According to her website, she also sells at the Chattanooga Market.

That’s all the tricks I’ve tried so far: air purifiers, mint tea with local honey, Claritin, cough drops. Oh, and immediately changing clothes and washing up when I come in from outside. So far, it has been 3 days and I’m still pretty miserable. I may kick the Claritin to the curb after another day or 2 and try something else.


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