Caught my eye

Frozen Field of Dreams

I love stories of communities coming together and this is a heartwarming story that is greatly needed this week. My husband and I always lament the fact there is no permanent ice rink in Chattanooga. There is a small one down at the ChooChoo but not large enough for how busy it gets.

Lake after bath wrap

For years I have been looking for a light robe to wear around the house in the summer. I am in love with this after bath wrap from Lake. I have 3 sets of their pajamas, and always reach for them to sleep in (I went on a pajama set buying spree right after my son’s birth because I was living in pajamas.. days were nights and nights were days and whatnot). If this wrap is anything like their pajamas, I’m sold. Their pajamas are soft and cool to the touch. I remember when I received my first order (the maternity pajamas), I put it on and practically ran to my husband demanding he feel the fabric. I felt temperature cooler, and if you’ve ever been pregnant in the summer, that is near impossible. Anyways, I am going to have to get this wrap.

Leather sunglasses straps

The simplicity of these are nice, and I’m super obsessed with slapping my initials on everything right now.

This free pattern from DMC

DMC has free patterns for embroidery, cross-stitch, and then instructions for small crafts. I really love this one but it would take forever. I’ve never done a large cross-stitch like this before and would like to try.

London House decor

I absolutely love this London house. It is not cluttered, has a beautiful palette, and the light fixtures are gorgeous! I go back and forth on if I want a ton of color in our house or something a bit more neutral like this. I have compromised and our forever pieces are more traditional items, and our not forever (like our rugs) are colorful. We can’t buy nice rugs because our dog would just tear them up, so they are more utilitarian and protect our hardwood floors. But this house just seems like a sanctuary and I love it.


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