Favorite museum gift shop gifts

I remember when I was a little kid, my mom would receive the Art Institute of Chicago’s gift shop catalog. I was obsessed. I remember pouring over the pages looking at all the random items: a Monet Waterlilies umbrella? Yes, please! Lion bookends? So cool! Weird jewelry? Egh. I wasn’t so excited about that. 😆. Another plus was the catalog was great for collage making. I was feeling a little nostalgic and took a trip down memory lane, this time via the internet shop (I’m not sure they still send out catalogs).

This is a beautiful bowl.

These pens! I recently bought some personal note cards from Papier that I love. It’s so nice to send and receive personal notes in the mail, but I really want a pen that goes with the note cards. I’ve been borrowing my husband’s Mont Blanc pen, but I love these.

Memory Game. My mom and I recently played Memory (she’s been going through our childhood games and we just had to play). This is such a great way to incorporate art into your little one’s life.

They have been making this Shirt 👕 for YEARS. I know because I had one in white when I was a little kid. It was my favorite shirt and I’m sure I wore it out. I bet if I asked my mom, she could email me a photo of me wearing it in less than 5 minutes (she is the queen of organization).

Ahhhh. The Lion bookends. I loved them when I was little and I love them now. If you’re not familiar with the Art Institute, these lions flank the entrance to the museum. Something about them seem so regal and strong. Maybe because they’re lions… hahaha. I’m currently glancing around my living room trying to figure out where I could put them.

Father’s day is coming up and these would be perfect for dads. This painting is magnificent (and giant) in person. Truly amazing.

This is a fun umbrella without being to kitschy. Again, I’m a sucker for the lions.

It was pleasant going down memory lane looking through the online catalog. It was just as fun as I remember.


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