Winter fake-out outfits

It’s the time of year in the south where the weather doesn’t know if it is continuing winter or moving into spring. The days start cold, can become beautiful midday, and then become cold again. There are so many great sweater styles out there now (I absolutely love that sweater vests are coming back into style) that I’m not ready to start thinking about Spring outfits yet.

Jeans // Sweater Vest // Long Sleeve T-Shirt // Sunglasses // Necklace // Purse // Shoes

I love the layered sweater look, but get way too hot inside. I also hate feeling like my arms are constrained, so this sleeveless collared shirt is perfect under a sweater. Even better, you can wear this shirt all year round! A classic styled ponytail always looks great with a cable knit sweater for a more casual look.

Jeans // White Sleeveless Shirt // Sweater // Hair scrunchie // Purse // Shoes // Ring


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