Feel Good TV

The temperature is dropping here in Tennessee and we’re supposed to have snow over the next few days. All that means is it is the perfect time to curl up under a blanket on the couch, light a fire, and watch some favorite TV shows.

I have a tendency to watch the same shows over and over again, you know, the ones that wrap you like a warm blanket, familiar and easy. And really, it’s nice because I like to be able to do other things while watching TV and not worry about missing things. I also really love sitcoms and light hearted shows… I’m not a drama fan. Life is too serious, I’d rather watch something ridiculous. I also love a good murder mystery, but not true crimes… give me mystery with a little comedy thrown in. I may be the only person in the US that is not obsessed with true crime.

Most of the shows I love are no longer on TV, thank goodness for streaming! These are my go-to shows that are available on various platforms (in no particular order):

  • Baby Daddy – about 3 guys (2 brothers and their roommate) take care of one of their babies. It’s a toss up of who my favorite character is: the mom (Melissa Peterson) or the roommate (Tahj Mowry).
  • Great News – a thirty something works as a News producer and her sixty something mom decides to intern for the show. Oh, and it has Nicole Richie as a News anchor. Her character is hilarious.
  • Psych – a fake psychic detective. This is probably my favorite show ever. Full of pop culture references, off the wall episodes, and hilarious jokes.
  • Scream Queens – for a little flair. The first time we watched it, we howled with laughter.
  • Cybill – a 90s show that makes you laugh and also wish that Dom Perignon wasn’t so expensive now.
  • Young and Hungry – a 20 something becomes a personal chef to a San Fransisco tech millionaire. Light hearted with hijinx.
  • Cougartown – Courtney Cox’s show. I never watched it while it was on because I thought it was more of a drama about a woman dating younger men. In actuality, it is hilarious!
  • Friends – duh.
  • American Housewife – a middle class family in a super rich Connecticut town.
  • Vampire Diaries – who hasn’t binged this show a million times?!
  • Hart of Dixie – I HATED this the first time I tried to watch it and then randomly tried it again and absolutely loved it.
  • Pretty Little Liars – the show really goes off the rails after the third or so season and ends in the most absurd way.
  • Castle – makes me want to become a mystery book writer. The premise is a mystery book writer shadows a detective. Even though there is a murder ever episode, the Castle character is a joker that adds some levity to the show.
  • The Glades – a detective in Florida that solves homicides his own way. However, Callie is my least favorite character in any TV show ever.
  • Schitts Creek – the Levys are geniuses. This show is so well written, amazing casting, and is unlike any other show out there. No blurb here, you just need to watch it.

Do you have any shows that you are always drawn back to?


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